Why a mermaid?

In 1988 my parents welcomed me into the world. In 1989 Disney’s The Little Mermaid came out. Long story short, I’ve been daydreaming of ocean swims and sea creature friends ever since. When I was 10 I got to visit Sea World and pet the dolphins before the park opened. It. was. magical. When I was 24 I got a tattoo of mermaid scales on my right leg (yes, it hurt) as part of a sibling tattoo adventure. When I was 25 I had blue, teal, and green in my hair & it was fabulously ocean-esque. When I was 26 I went snorkeling in the Caribbean and I felt so at home I considered taking up island life. For as long as I can remember the crash of waves on sand, the tickle of salty breezes, and the kiss of sunshine have simultaneously made me feel at peace and electric. I adore the beach. Especially a quite one, tucked away from the wind, perfect for napping and reading. Sigh. If the ocean feels like home, I must be a mermaid, right? Right. I’m glad you agree.

Now about that ‘redeemed’ bit.

I grew up in a Christian church, like the majority of people I know. I was saved as a child and was baptized, twice actually, and I believed in Jesus. I memorized verses for Awana, took a True Love Waits class (and wore the ring for a while), volunteered to be in my church’s production of Judgement House, watched VeggieTales and Commander Kelly & the Super Kids, and listened to DC Talk, FFH, & Nicole C Mullen. I read I Kissed Dating Goodbye and knew how to work Daddy’s concordance if I wanted to. If you’d have met me in middle school you’d might’ve thought, bless her heart she’s not the cutest, but she’s got this church thing sorted out! (I thank God that He led my parents to the church that gave me a strong spiritual foundation. All those childhood teachings paved the way for me to come back to Jesus in times of need and to finally pursue Him and let all the rest fall in line as He wills.)

In high school my family drifted away from church for reasons I don’t recall and so my life became less interrupted by Godly things and more interrupted by worldly things.

Fast forward and that only rang more true through college and my first semester of grad school. I still believed in Jesus, but I sure wasn’t living for Him.

After a breakup that I thought might leave me broken for good, I turned to the best place I knew for comfort [& that didn’t require me to get out of bed], Jesus. Slowly, but surely, and a thousand prayers for guidance and peace later I felt more normal again. Which meant I also felt less inclined to cry out to Jesus for help.

Another year(ish) of trying to do good, and be good, and live good, instead of just seeking Him and I found myself suggesting to my girlfriends that we do a Bible study with no idea how we would do that via our iMessage thread. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with beautiful friends who jumped on board and found an online Bible study for us to do in about 5 minutes. That was January 2016 and over the course of this Bible study I promised to go all in with God. To seek Him, His plan for my life, and His will for my hopes and desires. For the first time I started taking time to read His word regularly and prayed for Him to reveal wisdom to me through my readings. I started going to a church I believed would challenge me to grow, and I was met with friendly faces and hearts on fire for God.

All it took was me making a choice to step toward Him and He met me right where I was! I have grown more spiritually in the last 7 weeks than in the last 7 years. It’s liberating, y’all. It’s a little crazy if I think about how it must look from the outside, but let me tell you, from the inside, it’s the most beautiful intermingling of peace and passion I can imagine.

Want to know that kind of peace & passion? All it takes is belief and confession that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sins. (Romans 10:9-10)  He’ll meet you where you are and if you seek Him He’ll reveal His purpose for your life! I encourage you to seek Him, to seek fellowship with other believers, and to make time to study His word every day, friend.

If you’re in north Georgia and looking for a home church, or just somewhere to visit, I’d love to invite you to my church. You can email me for more info! deenene@amermaidredeemed.com